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From: Quentin ‘Cue Ball’ Rogers

Dear bald/ing friend,

Are you tired?

Tired of losing hair...

Dreaming of a day when it'll all be different. A day when you wake up... feel your head, and run your fingers through the thick full hair that have grown back, not the thinning pate that you are afraid to touch?

The day when you'll actually be happy?

Are you tired of being the butt of constant cruel jokes, being compared as a Bruce Willis' wannabe loser twin, or laughing along with your friends about it even when that's the last thing you feel like doing?

That's the way it used to be for Jason.

You can be just like Jason. You really can.

But first... I need you to recall something for me.

A feeling. One I'm sure you've felt before.

It's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach whenever you look at the mirror. That dread as you approach it... that queasiness as you notice how much hair you're losing again.

The feeling of despair and helplessness to stop it no matter how you've tried in the past, the shame when you had to don a cap just to hide that balding spot.

First things first,

I’m not a genius / medical doctor / herbal therapeutic expert as others may claim to be...

I’m your everyday run-of-the-mill kinda guy..

And if you’re based in New York, hell, you may have even bumped into me on the bus.. or even fighting with me over a cab!

But in all seriousness, I’m a regular guy who had a great job, sweet ride and a nice pad, a lot of things which I was thankful for. I LOVED my life and had a great zest for it.

It was a Sunday morning when I looked into the mirror that fateful day and realized that my hairline was in fact receding. And I was ONLY 27!

But just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, a few months later, I started balding at the crown...

Talk about a double whammy.

Every time I looked into the mirror, I started to hate myself more and more and my self-confidence started deteriorating rapidly.

Out of sheer desperation, I dug into my savings and blew a huge chunk on meds and drugs.

It slowed the hair loss, but didn’t grow any new ones and was costing me almost a grand a month..

And they conveniently forgot to mention to me about the side effects (more on this later!) and how your hair will keep falling off at a FASTER RATE when you stop the drugs.

That obviously wasn't going to work for me, so I scraped for more money and desperately paid for hair transplants instead...

... the curt reply was a simple “We have a disclaimer that it may not work for everyone.”

Every single penny of the $8,999 I spent, down the drain...

Totally out of ideas, I used what was left on miracle cures, anything and everything online which promised the world.

Hair acupuncture, wake-up-to-new-hair magic sprays...

Regardless of how absurd the claims were, I tried ALL of them. I was that desperate.

Obviously, none of them worked.

Lesson learnt, those didn’t work for me and very likely wont work for most men on the planet...

... But if expensively ineffective programs are your cup of tea, then I’m sorry to have wasted your time, you should be someplace else but here.


Almost all of these cures out there are a huge waste of time and money...

And frankly, some are DOWNRIGHT dangerous!

Take it from me, you don’t want any part of that.


Well, the drugs didn’t help, because of them, I started having dizzy spells at work, constant stomach pains and suffered a severe drop in confidence.

I suffered at work, diminished my prospects and was close to losing my job...

... And my friends?

Well, the unflattering nicknames didn’t help.

Almost overnight, from the happening “Q-Rod” I became the butt-of-all-jokes “Cue Ball”..

And yeah, like a Hollywood movie, my high school sweetheart left me too.

And one day, the company I worked with told me of an offer, a secondment to a faraway place...

In retrospect, I think it was their way of telling me to bugger off but hell, I felt there was nothing left for me in the Big Apple, so I took the offer, packed up and left.

As fate would have it, I was sent to one of the most rural of areas in the world, Sarawak; posted to a job which involved as little human interaction as possible.

Being in the construction line, I was required to do a lot of planning work and most of it, I had to do it in the jungle..

Over the six months that I was there, I started warming to the natives there, they fondly called me “Helang Botak” which they assured me was a ranking of respect in their colony. (I later found out it meant Bald Eagle, because I was American and well, bald!)

Anyway, I started undertaking small private projects on my own, to help build longhouses and improve their level of living and one fine day, my translator came up to me and said “Helang, the ‘penghulu’ (leader) would like to have a word with you!”

Instantly, I thought I had done something wrong, maybe crossed a sacred land or did something taboo but curiosity did get the better of me, so I followed my translator into his home.

But before I go any further, I want to ask you one question.

It’s going to be VERY random but here goes...


I couldn’t believe that I didn’t realize that the moment I stepped into their village. Men, women, children, people of all ages. They just had hair, and lots of it!

And when I stepped into the leader’s house, he told me that for the services I had rendered to his village, they were forever grateful and therefore wanted to help me with my “problem”.

Naturally, I was skeptical but hey, after everything I had gone through, tried and tested, surely a free remedy wouldn’t hurt would it?

So I went “with the program”, a secret concoction placed onto my scalp and massage techniques to stimulate growth..

I didn’t think much of it, after all, I’ve been let down by modern medicine so many times before...

And what would a bunch of villagers know, right?


Slowly but surely, they started sprouting out, first as fine strands and later, thick, healthy hair.

I could not believe what was happening and told myself “Don’t get carried away, it may not last forever!”

But came weeks, then a month…

And two months later, presto! I had a short cropped head of hair.

That was two years ago.

Now I’m back in the Big Apple, with the confidence (and hair!) to take on the world!

My friends who used to tease me were initially shocked with the huge difference, they all thought it was a wig.

Several unsuccessful attempts of pulling it off didn’t work, and they’re now a believer that my hair has “magically” grown again...

But word soon spread and friends of friends started asking me how I did it...

If I could help them get their hair back...


Initially, I was skeptical if it would work on them, I mean, what if I was the one-in-a-million shot which worked?

What if all those ingredients they used were not readily available worldwide?

But knowing what these people were going through, I decided to look at the system given to me all those years ago back in Sarawak, to see if I could make it work for them...

After closely looking at the blueprint and translating the names they had used, I realized that the “secret ingredients” which were used on my head, wasn’t such a big secret after all!

All of them were common items you could find easily in your local grocer which basically meant anyone could have access to this, use them and get a whole head full of hair, just like me!

So I took all the material given to me, put it into a simple guide with step-by-step instructions and illustrations and called it the Hair Loss Blueprint.

This blueprint was emailed  to hundreds of people who had contacted me over the years with the title...

And after introducing it to the people who need it and guiding them thru the necessary steps, I was dumbfounded..

Amazed.. In awe..

Simply because…


Yes, 97%..

They ALL eventually had a full head of hair, some even within 4 months!

The other 3%?

Well, unfortunately, they struck out, but after interviewing them in detail why, they all had one common answer. “I didn’t do those steps”

So here’s the thing..

... You’ll need to put in effort to get back your hair.

... You’ll need to get your butt to the grocer, get the things mentioned and use them.

Do the massages, do the exercises (don’t worry, its not a stressful Gold’s Gym Type Regime!) and before you know it, your head will have hair.

Again, I need to stress, this isn’t a magical cure or spray which you just put on and go to bed...

This is the real deal, so if you think you aren’t up for it or serious about getting your hair back, then again, this isn’t going to be for you.





That's not all, because you'll discover...

Don’t let it fool you..

Statistics show that looks DO matter.

Ask yourself a simple question, “Would you prefer your partner to have a head full of hair or plain bald?”

In fact, a recent survey shows that women are FIVE TIMES more likely to be attracted to a man if he has hair.

So tell me, what else could possibly be stopping you from grabbing this blueprint?

More than a guide, it's a whole guided tour to finally get back your full... thick hair, giving you more confidence, increasing attractiveness and generally have a better life all round!

It's a huge boost, a step-by-step guide which compels your body and soul to...


Sure, a lot of that cannot be put into simple dollars and cents.

I mean, how do you put a price on confidence... self-esteem... basically being a man of unlimited potential?

I’m sure you’ll AGREE something that powerful would be priceless.

But here’s the thing...


Sure, transplants cost a minimum of $5000...

Sure pills and meds cost at least $1000 yearly...

And let’s not take into account the frustrations and time wasted when it all equates to roughly about zilch amounts of hair.

I could tell you it costs $500 and you’d still be curious to know how this will work for you..

I know, I’ve been in your shoes.

Hell, I could tell you that just for you, I’d take a zero off that, make it a pretty $50.

Fifty bucks for the last hair system you'll ever need... how great is that?

I can see your eyes lighting up right about now...

Great deal for sure, but I'll even go one better...

If you act now...

And only on this page...

You get the entire Hair Loss Blueprint system for one single payment of just $37.

And... even though the price is this crazy-low, I understand that you need to know deep down that your investment is safe...

That's why your purchase is fully backed by my unprecedented, risk-free two month “hair-raising” guarantee...

That Guarantee Blows Me Away.
I Really Have Nothing To Lose.
Sign Me Up Now!

I hope you realize what you really read today.

Because it’s not a webpage… it’s a wake up call.

From your hair to you..

They want to come home..

And just to reiterate, this isn’t a magical cure which will work with zero effort.

..It’s a holistic remedy which will work, when you work it.

But... in order for it to work for you, there's one thing you must do.

You must sign up right now by choosing a package below.

I'm offering this crazy-low special price for a very limited time. I'll tell you why...

Hair Loss Blueprint is new on the market. And frankly there is nothing else out there like it.

Every other program I've seen involve hazardous surgeries... unsafe pills... or just unproven exercises and scalp massages which are plainly wrong.

Not only do I find those methods to be unrealistic, dangerous, and borderline illegal, but they aren't even as effective as Hair Loss Blueprint.

I figure if I can make a big splash right out of the gate with Hair Loss Blueprint, maybe we can change the game. Maybe we can get enough guys to reject the unnatural and ineffective ways the con artists peddle. And maybe that will make a big statement.

It may never happen, but I need to know I tried.

So... if you come to this page in a few weeks and the Ultimate Edition is back up to the $97, you'll know the special is gone forever.

Please don't write me asking for an exception. I won't be able to do that. I have a deal in place with my affiliates and can not go back on it.

So please sign up right now.


I can't help you if you don't get the ball rolling first, unless you

Sign up for my Hair Loss Blueprint Ultimate Edition.

It's like you're staring at two roads ahead...

One road leads you back to the same life you're living right now.

Bald head... wondering why it happened to you, confidence shattered, generally being stuck in a sucky situation which you hate.

Then there's that other road.

The one that leads you to hair, and lots of it... confidence... happiness.

Which way you turn will effect the rest of your life. So what's it going to be?

The bumpy, pothole-filled road to the same old, same old...


..The newly paved road to your brand new life?

You already know the answer. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't.

So... sign up right now. I'll see you on the other side.

Sincerest wishes,

P.S. -Remember... it doesn't matter how old you are, how you’re balding or how long you’ve been bald. The Hair Loss Blueprint will make your hair grow... and open up so many new doors in life. This isn't just a promise... It's guaranteed in writing!


So Sign Up Now By Clicking Here 


P.P.S. -Since I mentioned the guarantee, let me clarify... I don't want you to think there's a certain scenario that must take place in order for you to ask for your money back. Let me state as directly and clearly as I can...

If you sign up and are unhappy for
any reason at all, just write me for a refund and you'll have every last penny of your money back in your hands within 72 hours. It's that easy!


Okay...I Don't Want To Wait A Minute Longer.
I Don't Want To Miss Out On The Special Package Price.
Sign Me Up, Quentin!


P.P.P.S.- This is the last time I'll remind you. The low $37 price for the Ultimate Edition will go away very soon. If you click away now, you may never see it again.

Isn't it time you get your hair back?
Isn't it time you get confident? Isn't it time you sign up for the Hair Loss Blueprint Ultimate Edition?


It's Time, Quentin... My Time To Finally Get With The Program
Time For Me To Control My Hair’s Destiny.
I'm Signing Up Now!



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